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Is Stuyding in Hungary Expensive ?

While the cost of living in Hungary is slightly higher than some Eastern European countries, it remains significantly lower compared to Western Europe. You can expect to spend around €500-€800 per month on living expenses, including accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment.

Tuition fees vary depending on the university and program. However, they typically range from €2,000 to €8,000 per year, which is considerably lower than fees in many other European countries.

Several scholarships and financial aid programs are available to help make studying in Hungary affordable. Research available options and apply to those that meet your eligibility criteria.

What to Expect When Studying in Hungary:

1. Academic rigor: Be prepared for a challenging and demanding academic environment. Hungarian universities maintain high standards and expect students to be dedicated and committed to their studies.

2. Diverse student body: You’ll encounter students from various cultural backgrounds, enriching your social and learning experience.

3. Cultural differences: Be open to adapting to different customs and traditions. Learning basic Hungarian phrases will enhance your experience and demonstrate your respect for the local culture.

4. Affordable living: Enjoy a comfortable lifestyle at a relatively affordable cost. Take advantage of student discounts and explore budget-friendly options for activities and entertainment.

5. Travel opportunities: Utilize your free time to explore other European countries. Hungary’s central location provides easy access to various destinations by train, bus, or plane.

The Cost of Studying in Hungary:

Application fees:

  • Varies depending on the university
  • Some universities charge no application fee
  • Others charge a fee ranging from €100 to €300


Tuition Fees:

  • Average range: €1,200 – €5,000 per year
  • Most programs: €2,500 – €3,000 per year
  • Engineering programs: Up to €5,000 per year
  • Medicine and Dentistry: €6,000 – €8,000 per year

Living Costs:

  • Average range: €375 – €700 per month
  • Accommodation: €200 – €500 per month
  • Food: €100 – €200 per month
  • Transportation: €50 – €100 per month
  • Other expenses: €25 – €50 per month

Funding Options:

  • Hungarian government scholarships: Available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Erasmus+ program: Provides scholarships for student exchange within Europe
  • University-specific scholarships: Some universities offer their own scholarships for international students
  • Student loans: Available from Hungarian banks with favorable interest rates

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