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About Us

At Zafar Consultancy, we are more than just a consultancy; we are a bridge to global opportunities. Specializing in student placement services, we open doors for aspiring learners to explore academic avenues in diverse destinations, including the USA, European countries, and Turkey. Our commitment extends beyond borders, fostering a vision where geography, financial constraints, ethnicity, and other barriers no longer limit one’s ability to pursue their academic goals

Our Story

The decision to study abroad involves careful consideration of challenges, including the potential inadequacy of consultancy services in preparing students for the academic expectations in their host country. Navigating the complexities of a foreign higher education system poses significant hurdles for international students. Recognizing these challenges, Zafar Consultancy embarked on its journey in 2018. Over the past few years, we have successfully executed numerous projects, facilitating the placement of thousands of students from diverse countries into their chosen study destinations abroad. Our mission is to go beyond conventional approaches by providing knowledge and experiences on contemporary platforms, catering to the needs of aspiring individuals who seek to pursue their education abroad.

Our Mission

Providing support and guidance for international students to overcome the challenges of studying abroad

Why Choose Zafar Consultancy?

Break barriers and redefine the possibilities of education abroad

We are committed to our vision to create a world where academic pursuits know no boundaries.

Devoted to Foster International Pathways

We are a Key Player in the Education abroad. We are collaborating with many universities, bridging the gap between aspiring students and prestigious universities worldwide, making education abroad accessible to all.

Personalized Services Based on Experiences

We offer services that are deeply personalized and founded on our collective experiences,which enriches the guidance we provide to our clients

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

We aim to bring satisfaction by rendering tailored and result-oriented consultancy services which meet the demand of our clients

Strong Core Values

We are built on a set of core principles that form the foundation of our organization - quality and honesty. We believe in providing high-quality services and honest guidance to our clients, fostering trust and long-lasting relationships.

Our Values

Zafar Consultancy upholds core principles in its services, emphasizing quality, integrity, unconditional customer satisfaction, and a commitment to ethical business practices

Meet The Team

Shoaib Zafar

Founder & CEO

Jad El Bay

International Student Consultant

Masih Ziaei

International Student Consultant

Tabish Qayam

Graphic Designer

Tamim Aryaee

Study Abroad Consultant

Zuhal Ahmadi

International Student Consultant

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Join forces with Zafar Consultancy to unlock a world of educational opportunities. Together, let’s shape the future of aspiring students

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We’re here to assist you on your educational journey. Whether you have inquiries, or want to explore partnership opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out.

At Zafar Consultancy, we are more than just a consultancy; we are a bridge to global opportunities.

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